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Panthera TIGRIS (the tiger)

Originates from “Tigra” (Old Persian) meaning “arrow” and “Tighri” (Avestan) meaning “sharp” – the same qualities of speed, agility and precision that are intrinsic to our brand.

The focus of our itineraries is to give you a thorough safari experience in every sense, which will take your breath away.

To observe this magnificent creature (and all the other creatures that flourish in its wake) in its natural habitat is a privilege unlike any other. We make it our endeavor to afford you this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity – many times over.

Sustainability & social responsibility lies at the core of our ethos.

The tiger is the most photographed creature on the planet – and if you come out on safari with us, you won’t be able to help adding yet another photograph to that number.

At Tigris Safaris, we are from the same soil as the tiger. Everyone we employ is not only Indian, but our teams are local to their region of operation.

Tigris Safaris was born out of our innate passion to save the tiger from extinction – and all the species of flora and fauna that go with it.

At Tigris Safaris, the tiger is our inspiration for everything we do