Introducing, Team Tiger Safari India

With conviction in our beliefs and wildlife knowledge to assist our efforts, the sole purpose of our agency is to satisfy our guests and give them the wildlife experience they have been searching for. To that end, our naturalists are rigorously trained to provide you a purposeful safari.

The tiger is the rightful focal point of most of the safaris, but the national parks do have a lot more than that to offer everyone. The fascinating flora and fauna, the remnants of history in each park and the atmosphere in each reserve are reasons sufficient to visit the parks often. Our trained drivers and naturalists will leave no stone unturned to showcase the national parks for you in the best possible way. Our mission is to organize a meaningful tiger safari without disturbing the environment. We will be your go-to caregivers while you are in India.


We realize how much trust and value you place in our hands while signing up for a tour with us, and to preserve it is our utmost priority. Your time, efforts & resources that you engage in dealing with us is deeply respected, and we assure you that you will get what is the best for you.

Introducing, Sharad Vats

This journey began in 1990 when I sighted my first tiger in the wilds of India.

I did not own a camera then & I do not regret it. The whole sequence is clearly etched in my mind almost as if happened just yesterday. I thought of that sighting not for days or weeks, but for a couple of years. The quest for another one was peaking & I took off to another national park.

This time I carried a small point and shoot camera. I saw the tiger, clicked, came back home, developed the film roll (yes, there were no DSLRs or memory cards and smartphones were not even dreamt of). I couldn’t wait for the results. I eagerly went through all snaps, but could not see the tiger. I realized then that an SLR with a decent lens was important.

A second hand manual SLR was gifted to me, and I started to teach myself how to take good photographs. This was also before YouTube tutorials existed. Slow, but steady progress was made.

In the year 2000, the thought that there might be many people yet to experience their first tiger sighting struck me. I remember my first tiger sighting because there is something really special about this beautiful creation of God. Simultaneously I read about the serious threat to the tigers, from poaching, pressure on habitats and sundry other reasons. It was then that I decided to start something which would help me show tigers in the wilds of India to potential wildlife lovers, & develop an alternate economy for the local community which was dependent on the forests (home of the tiger) for bio-mass.

It was then that I started this company called, ‘Nature Safari India’, under whose umbrella I wanted to do my bit to Save the Tiger.

I explored many big and small parks in India at different times of the year, and I do this till date. This fulfils my passion for seeing tigers regularly, and keeps me up to date on what goes on in the national parks. I have given this 25 years, and my love for the greens, the tall trees and Indian wildlife has only grown.

Thus I can say very confidently that we will create a programme to suit your time requirement, your preferences in terms of stay, local transport, good guides and drivers. There are some itineraries indicative of what we can do but we would love to listen to you about your requirements so that we can draft a programme for you specifically.

Our team is completely geared up, and in sync with latest happenings in the parks, and we will ensure that the tigers in the wild will also leave an indelible mark on you like they did for me.

I look forward to hearing from you!