The scientific derivative for Panthera Tigris, more commonly called the tiger, comes from the Latin and Greek word, “tigris”, but a lesser known fact is that its origin lies in an Old Persian word, “tigris” meaning sharp, and the Avestan word “tigris” meaning an arrow.

No doubt this refers to the speed, agility and precision with which a tiger goes for the kill.

At Tigris Safaris, the tiger is our inspiration for everything we do.

The undisputed king of the jungle, a tiger is the ultimate predator. Crowning the pinnacle of the food chain, the tiger blazes a trail through the natural world for all other species to follow. To observe this magnificent creature (and all the other creatures that flourish in its wake) in its natural habitat is a rare privilege unlike any other.

At Tigris Safaris, we make it our endeavor to afford you this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity – many times over.

Once upon a time, this magnificent feline roamed freely across all of Eurasia. Even today, the ancient region of Mesopotamia, where the Caspian Tiger held sway, has a river called Tigris. But even the hunter becomes the hunted. Sadly, human has wiped out the species in several parts of the continent – except for the Indian subcontinent.

At Tigris Safaris, we are from the same soil as the tiger. Everyone we employ is not only Indian, but our teams are local to their region of operation.

The tiger is an iconic species. Despite onslaughts wrought by nature and human civilization, it continues to prevail against all the odds. Mercilessly hunted, it has become a trophy for hunters for centuries. Only now do we realize that the true trophy is to witness its prowess in the jungle and learn powerful lessons from its life in the wild. To conserve the tiger’s habitat is to protect our own environment.

Tigris Safaris was born out of our innate passion to save the tiger from extinction – and all the species of flora and fauna that go with it. Our brand of tourism is firmly routed in a sustainable and responsible ethos that reveres the animal, the forest and the ecosystem as supreme.


Are you curious about the tiger? Would you like to learn more about how it lives its life?

The tiger is the most photographed creature on the planet – and if you come out on safari with us, you won’t be able to help adding yet another photograph to that number. Its sheer beauty, grace and courage will transform your life. Getting to know the ways of the jungle by following the tiger’s trail, has transformed ours.

In following the footsteps of this feline, we’ve come to know it. Our observations and records of its movements, its smells, its sounds, its habitat, its kills, its patterns and its lifestyle are what make up our day – it’s this level of insight on the ground, that will make your day when you travel with the Tigris team

The first time you look a tiger in the eye, will change your life. Once the tiger strikes your soul, you never look back – are you ready?

I sighted my first tiger in 1990. I didn’t own a camera back then and I don’t regret it for a moment. The incredible image of my very first tiger is imprinted in my mind forever. Later, I started using a camera to capture those moments with tigers – each one so special. As the tiger invaded my mind, haunting my memory, capturing my imagination – a seed of an idea was sown. I wanted to share the power of that first moment with others.

At the same time, I learned that the tiger’s habitat was being decimated, that felines were being poached for their skin and bone, and that they were being killed due to human-animal conflict. Words couldn’t say enough. So I decided to take people with me, to show them the tiger in it’s own playground, and fall in love first hand. We started to work with the local communities in each habitat to provide sustenance to them through sustainable tourism initiatives, so that they didn’t have to pillage the forest, and could earn more instead by preserving it.

With this ethos in mind, I started my first safari venture, Nature Safari India.

Twenty-five years down the line and counting…

Tigris Safaris has been born out of a team motivated by India’s wildlife and our desire to share it with you. The focus of our trips is to give you a thorough safari experience in every sense, which will take your breath away.

India’s national parks are unparalleled. Our goal is to bring you to see them at their best.

  • Stunning flora and fauna in biospheres that are one of a kind in the world.
  • Vestiges of history long past that dot these forests.
  • Excellent accommodations with a sustainable thread running through them. Responsible tourism initiatives and interaction with sustainable conservation efforts.
  • And of course, our incredible team, trained to bring you the finest experiences, naturalists, drivers, vehicles and logistics – and the indescribable warmth of Indian hospitality that you cannot even imagine.

What more could you ask for?

We deeply appreciate the trust and faith you place with our team when you put your dream safari to India in our hands to plan. We assure you that we will do our utmost to exceed your expectations. We deeply value your time, money and efforts you put into engaging with us. Our team is fully focused on turning your trip with us into the experience of a lifetime.