Tadoba Tiger Reserve – The Hottest Favorite Tourist Destination

Posted by on 26th October, 2016.

Located in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra, Tadoba Tiger Reserve India is a well-known tiger reserve which is the largest and oldest national park. It is one of the 41 tiger reserves in India covered under “Project Tiger”. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the second Tiger Reserve in the state, established in 1994-95. The total area of tiger reserve comprises huge range of flora and fauna species, unique ecosystem, rich and diverse avifauna and natural and serene beauty. It is also the hottest favourite tourist attraction in India. There is a significant influx of tourists here these days.

It has Southern Tropical, Deciduous and Dry Teak Forests that are the habitat for 40 tigers. It has great conservation value as the mega biodiversity site. The wilderness recreation plays a vital role for management and benefit the cause of education and conservation. It is seen in national map because of increased animal sighting.

Tigers at Tadoba Andhari Reserve

As of August 2016, the reserve has the population of 88 tigers, out of which 58 are in the forests just outside the reserve. It is the largest national park in the state of Maharashtra. The total reserve area is stretched over 625.4 sq. km, including Tadoba National Park, built in 1955 with the total land area of 116.55 sq. km. It features the densely forested hills that form the western and northern boundary of tiger reserve. The hill’s elevation is ranging from 200 m to 350m. Tadoba Lake is located to the southwest which serves as a buffer between the extensive farmland and forest of the park.

The lake serves as a perennial water source that also habitats Muggar crocodiles. Andhari River and Kolsa Lake are other wetland areas in the reserve. Andhari Sanctuary covers Kolsa and Moharli ranges and Tadoba reserve covers Chimur Hills.